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Power Transmission Belts

Supplying power transmission belts to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Customers across the US and around the world.

Thermoid® V-Belt, Metric and Timing Belts

Thermoid, Inc. manufactures a wide range of power transmission belt products that can power virtually any type of drive application. Our Thermoid belt product line offers customers a variety of configurations and constructions from fractional horsepower belts to large banded belts with Kevlar® cord reinforcement. From standard belt products to custom designed belts, Thermoid belts offer you and your customers a wide selection of popular profiles and sizes.

With our extensive manufacturing expertise and production capabilities, we are often able to manufacture special order and custom designed belts within relatively short lead times. Many of our Thermoid belt products are produced for original equipment manufacturers in a wide range of industries. With Thermoid brand power transmission belts, you have a superior, quality-made power transmission belt designed and built to provide top performance and long-term service.

Thermoid V-Belts

  • Prime Mover

  • MaxiPower

  • Prime Mover Banded

  • MaxiPower Banded

  • PowerPlus MaxiBand

  • PowerPlus

  • Lawn and Garden Replacement

  • Original Equipment Belts

Thermoid Belts

  • Double V

  • FHP

  • Metriflex

  • Multi-Ribbed

  • Open Ended

  • PowerPlus Replacement

Thermoid Timing Belts

  • Grip-Tite Timing

  • Grip-Tite Dual Timing

  • Grip-Tite Curvilinear Timing

  • Grip-Tite Dual Curvilinear Timing

  • Grip-Tite Curvilinear HT


Thermoid, Inc. has a long and established history of producing quality belt products. Using our years of belt manufacturing, technical and design know-how, along with our production expertise, Thermoid, Inc. has teamed up with an over-seas manufacturing licensee to produce the Thermoid Select belt line. Thermoid Select belts are quality-made, built to meet our specifications and give excellent service.

With a wide range of Thermoid SELECT products to choose from, you can be sure there’s a belt size to meet your specific need. Thermoid Select offers four of the most popular belt styles including: Classical, Classical Cogged, Wedge and Wedge Cogged. Every belt in each profile has been designed and built to provide you outstanding performance and long-term service. Competitively priced, Thermoid SELECT belts are built tough to withstand shock and reduce fatigue. Shown below is an overview of the variety of belt styles available from Thermoid, Inc.

Thermoid V-Belts

  • SELECT Classical Cogged

  • SELECT Classical

  • SELECT Wedge

  • SELECT Wedge Cogged

  • SELECT Classical Banded

  • SELECT Wedge Banded