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Premium Maxipower V-belts are banded together to form a unitized belt set. Individual V’s are spaced to
permit it to operate in regular multiple groove 3V, SV, 8V sheaves. This construction prevents belt whip and turnover under pulsating and shock loads. PowerPlus Maxiband® V-Belts with kevlar reinforced cord are also available.

We supply OEM and replacement belts manufactured to OEM specs.
Contact us for details.

Technical Overview

Sure-Set® Belts marked Sure-Set are produced to Sure-Set tolerances. This means that all belts of a given size and style are matched. Contact Elgin for special matching requirements.
Kevlar Cord Belts 3V, 5V and 8V section belts are also available as special orders for difficult drives requiring extra strength. Contact Elgin for minimums. Each order must state quantities per set for matching requirements.
Sizes and Dimensions
For belt sizes or band configurations please refer to the attached catalog (see literature table below), or contact our customer service.


Power Transmission Belts Catalogue

Features & Benefits

  • Banded, Wedge profile belt
  • Unitized set of premium constructed belts
  • Individual V spacing permits operation in MPTA standard groove belt sheaves
  • Design prevents belt whip and turnover in difficult applications under lateral vibration and heavy shock loads
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Static conducting*