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Grip-Tite HT belts bring the advantages of synchronous rubber belts to applications previously served by roller chain and gear drives. These belts do not require lubrication and, therefore, maintenance costs are minimized, and contamination from oil drip is eliminated.

We supply OEM and replacement belts manufactured to OEM specs.
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Technical Overview

Sizes & Dimensions For belt sizes or band configurations please refer to the attached catalog (see literature table below), or contact our customer service at 1-800-433-8208.


Power Transmission Belts Catalogue

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronous, rubber belt profile
  • Offers the advantages of a synchronous rubber belt for a multitude of applications previously served by roller chain and gear drives
  • Suitable for an extremely wide range of speeds and load capacities
  • The curvilinear profile of the belt tooth improves power capacity and shear stress resistance
  • Reduces tooth jump
  • Grip-Tite Curvilinear belts run on both HTD® and RPP® sheaves
  • Oil, heat, and ozone resistant
  • Static conducting*