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PowerPlus Maxiband belts are designed for high horse power, high tension and severe shock load applications such as dredge pumps, hammermills, piledrivers, and steel billet grinders. This belt delivers as much as 50% more horsepower than ordinary belt setups.

Technical Overview

Sizes & Dimensions Note: The following sizes of 5VK and SVK are available as special order. They can be produced in any rib combination required. All are non-stock. Contact Elgin for availability.

For belt sizes or band configurations please refer to the attached catalog (see literature table below), or contact customer service at 1-800-433-8208.


Power Transmission Belts Catalogue

Features & Benefits

  • Banded, Wedge profile belt with Kevlar® cord
  • Designed for applications with high horsepower, high tension, and severe shock loads, such as dredge pumps, hammer mills, pile drivers, steel billet grinders, etc
  • Delivers up to 50% more horsepower than ordinary belts
  • Super tough Kevlar® cords with maximum internal adhesion have significantly more heat resistance and far less stretch than other cords
  • Premium chloroprene rubber cushion section resists heat, oil, compression, and fatigue, keeping the belt flexing smoothly
  • Cover is made of a rugged woven 2-ply material, specially processed for maximum adhesion and protection against abrasion
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Static conducting*